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The Location

Given the proximity to existing residential, to the commercial centre and downtown Canmore, and to parks, trails and open spaces, the site is an excellent candidate for re-development

Highlights of The Proposed Residential Community

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Redevelopment of the site will diversify Canmore’s housing supply including smaller affordable apartments and townhomes, purpose-build rental housing, and affordable housing for staff and their families.

Approximately 33% of the total number of units will be affordable housing.

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The site is located within a neighbourhood where the built form includes single-family homes, multi-unit residential, parks and open space, civic and institutional uses. The proposed residential community supports the Town’s desire for more infill housing developments and thus a better use of the limited land base within the Town.

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The site is located one and a half block south of the retail and restaurant amenities located along Canmore’s commercial main street (8th Street) and directly adjacent to the Town’s central open space, Centennial Park. 

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The site is ideally situated within walking and cycling proximity to commercial, civic, and other amenities in the heart of Canmore.

Benefits of The Proposed Residential Community 

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Proceeds from the development will support the long-term sustainability of CRPS and the Board’s desire to nurture student’s growth and learning through the development of new programs and educational services.  Proceeds will be placed in a Legacy Fund that will sustain future operations of the school district.

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The town of Canmore will benefit from an increased tax base. The site has been identified throughout statutory and non-statutory plans as a site for civic and community uses with the potential for residential development. 

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There are no environmentally sensitive lands, wildlife corridors or habitat patches within or adjacent to this site. A residential development will also deter the growing Elk population from feeding/calving creating a safer environment for the entire area. 

The residential development will provide additional housing for families, individuals and seniors who wish to live in the heart of Canmore, close to shops, services, and pathways. 

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